Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gobble, Gobble!

Wild Turkey in Whitby, Robert Rafton
I took these a few years back and intended to post them on Canadian Thanksgiving a couple of times. The only trouble was I couldn't find them! (Don't ask about my filing system.) But I've found them now and I figure that American Thanksgiving is just as good since they invented the holiday anyway.

In the past I've often seen a family of wild turkeys lurking around Cranberry Marsh in Whitby. That's where this turkey was, hanging out and feeding under a canopy of trees. I can't say for sure if this little group is still in the area. I can confirm however that turkeys do fly, even if only for short distances. Don't have a shot of that though.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our US readers!

Close up of Wild Turkey, Robert Rafton
Wild Turkey eating, Robert Rafton