Saturday, November 15, 2008

Canada's National Symbol in the Morning

Though I'm unaware that today represents any sort of National Holiday in Canada (though it should be one, why not?), it was only going to be a matter of time I suppose before I showed an image of a beaver.

I find that these varmints are surprisingly shy, especially if you're on the same level as they are, less so if you're looking down at them from an elevated riverbank. Since they are so shy, they'll often come at peek at you from underwater if you're at the edge of their pond. Let me also add if you've never seen the kind of damage beavers can do to any and all trees in their neighbourhood, it's pretty impressive. They take out everything, and in some spots the city will place wires around trees to protect them from beaver vandalism.

This specimen swam by in the early morning off the south edge of the Leslie Street Spit. You can probably tell by now I go there fairly often.